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Improving improvement plans.

Edi breaks up improvement plans into smaller tasks for your team. Assign people, set due dates and organise priorities. Edi will follow up on overdue tasks for you.

Powerful strength.

Showcase what makes your centre great! Add posts and beautiful photos to highlight your QIP.

Let’s reflect.

Critically reflect with Edi’s reflective questions and journal. Easily go back and review your previous entries.

Voila! Your QIP done.

When it's time, printing a QIP is now one click of a button. Edi designs a beautiful, rich and compliant QIP you can use in minutes.

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Alison Webber
Balmoral House Private Preschool
Edi is fantastic. I love being able to upload our photos and really show families what we have been up to and the improvements we have made. Using Edi is a fast and simple way of completing your QIP.
Georgie Pandora
Google App Store
I love Edi! I think it will make QIPs so much more easy and fun to develop for lots of early childhood education services, and make them a real working document that is easy to update, AND make them easy to involve collaboration.
Apple App Store
Love love love. What a great app. Helps get on top of my improvement plans. Thank you team!